About Us


Who We Are

IberCup® is a prestigious international youth football tournament that brings together young players from around the globe to compete, learn, and grow in a culturally rich environment. The event is much more than a tournament; it's a stage where the stars of tomorrow get a taste of professional football competition, make lifelong friendships, and share experiences.

IberCup operates in various locations worldwide, each offering a unique blend of football culture, competition, and friendship. With two distinct competition categories - the Elite tournaments for the world top teams, and the Holiday Cup for teams looking to compete during the summer break - IberCup caters to a broad spectrum of young football talent.

The brand extends beyond the pitch with programs like the Coach Development Program, enhancing the holistic development of not just players, but also the mentors guiding them. The Tag line for the brand is “Ibercup. Be a Player”.

This is an invitation to young players and coaches to step into a world where football is a universal language, and where every participant is one step closer to realizing their football dreams. Through competition and firendship, IberCup shapes the next generation of football players, fostering a global community bound by a shared passion for the game.


IberCup® is part of the “IBER GLOBAL GROUP” that is a consortium of companies with representation in the areas of sports event organization, international management of clubs and academies, technical programs for players and coaches, sports apparel and entertainment.

Founded in Portugal in 2009, and initially through the organization of sports events “IBERCUP”, has consolidating its position in Portugal Spain and Brazil during the last 11 years.

In 2019, we started “IBERLEAGUE”, national leagues in several countries in the world, “IBERCAMPS” international camps hosted in different countries in the world. Through our scouting platform and ranking systems used in our events we created “TALENTOZO SOCCER ACADEMY” prepared to identify talented players and coaches to participate in our international programs.

In 2020, “IBERACADEMY” is created to connect all of our partners in one single environment where all collaborate in different areas, combining scouting, training methodology, coach clinics, scholarships, and the "INTERNATIONAL PLAYERS EXPERIENCE" individual programs for players that what to have an experience abroad.

In 2021, the group also began to focus on identifying talent around the world through the ranking process and building our own select teams, moving forward in the scouting area and agency of Young players through the brand "IBERGENERATION". Worldwide, we are one of the leading brands in youth competitions, with an average of 80,000 participants per year.